Advantages provided by the EMCA system is, that Management is advised directly via personal Cell Phone, should there be any sign of a disturbance based on the perimeters set by the Rock Engineering Manager underground 24/7/365. Having been advised, management is then able to communicate with the system via a Computer. LED’s on the unit for-warn him/her about the situation, in real time, thus enabling the person to move to safe ground.

The EMCA system accommodates 12.7mm, 15mm or 18mm Cable Anchors. The EMCA system is attached to the standard de-bonded Cable Anchor prior to tensioning. After installation a pre-determined tension limit is specified by the Rock Engineer and communicated to Sandbox Mining operations.  These pre-determined tension limits is then programmed by Sandbox Mining operations into the EMCA system. These settings allow for acceptable variance of cable tension movement which is communicated to the control room via the network and also indicated by the use of a changing coloured light on the unit indicating the tension of the installed cable.
The system is installed by using de-bonded anchors. Once the unit is set, it may only be changed by communication between the Rock Engineer and the Operations Control at Sandbox Mining, where any changes are signed off and documented.

The advantages of the EMCA system is that it allows Management to evaluate the situation after receiving information about ground conditions, in a specific area, and the information can be stored on file to be utilized in the planning for future work. The evaluation of the situation is possible due to the information recorded by the EMCA system on a 24/7/365 basis, which will enable the Rock Engineer and Management to make decisions, regarding the future in monitored areas.

The communication is established with the use of a plug and play system. As soon as the EMCA is powered the unit automatically establishes contact with the network and the program identifies a new EMCA on line . The units are powered by DC (or AC on request). The EMCAs are powered by a rechargeable battery pack that has approximately six months of life. This battery pack life is communicated to the Control Room, enabling changing when required. The EMCA system battery pack is fitted with a unique locking device using a specially designed key which is supplied to the Rock Engineer for security. Security is also provided through a warning indicator which will alert the control room in the event of any attempt to tamper with the unit.

The EMCA system consists of a small Electronic Load Indicator (ELI) with LED’s that’s potted for stability and water resistance. The unit is installed by sliding the ELI over the cable after the dome plate, and followed by a standard barrel before tensioning to the required pre-tension of the Anchor. The ELI is connected to the EMCA system.
Data from the EMCA system is transferred to the Network using the latest UHF technology of choice to a receiver located in a control room which can be situated either on surface or underground. Information will also be relayed directly to the Rock Engineer office. The system captures and monitors all activity on the Anchor Cable fitted with EMCA units 24/7/365. Each installed ELI has a unique ID number which is coupled to the EMCA system, this identification will be transmitted and linked to an underground position, thus identifying the exact location in the mine, which is seen on the monitor in the control room and in the Rock Engineers office. These positions are pre-selected by the Rock Engineer and indicated on the mine plan, having been pre-surveyed. All Data generated by the ELI and communicated via the EMCA system will be monitored and recorded 24/7/365 and backed-up. The information is presented graphically for scrutinizing by the Rock Engineer as and when required.

In the event of an incident occurring, an alarm will sound in the Control Room who will in turn notify the Rock Engineer when the pre-determined cable tension limits are either reduced or exceeded. In the event of no communication being confirmed from the control room within ten (10) minutes, the off-site Control Room will contact the standby official at Sandbox Mining who will do the necessary notification to the designated person on the mine or communicate directly via SMS to nominated Cell Phones.

The program has the ability to supply information from each EMCA installed as and when required by the Rock Engineer. (This could be 2, 4 or 8 times daily). A unique meshing system allows each unit to communicate to each other in its immediate proximity, (Line Of Sight over a distance of approximately 40 meters), to the chosen communication system.
All data from the EMCA will be time and date stamped and stored for future use such as, situation adapted for reports, research and trend identification, if needed. All EMCA data will be backed-up on site and off site. All data will also be displayed on a monitor in the Rock Engineer's office for active monitoring. This information will be available to be transferred via E- Mail within the mine system.


EMCA (Electronic Monitoring Cable Anchor)* Patented**

Identification Serial Number Automatic Configuration Pairing
Monitoring On and Off Site Monitored 24/7/365
Visual Indication  Tri color LED
Set Point Limits  Fully Programmable
Over Tension (programmable) RED
Set Point (Programmable) GREEN
Under Tension (Programmable) ORANGE
Main Battery Backup Lithium Iron
Secondary Battery Backup Lithium Ion
Cable Link (shielded) 500mm Silicon
Enclosure S/S 304  or Poly Fiber 300(L) x 300(W) x 100(H) Mold
Frequency ISM 2.484 G Hz 
Network Underground Becker Leaky Feeder
  Meshing ARC
  Fiber Optic
  Twisted Pair
Network Surface ISDN, Microwave, Internet, Radio, Cell network
Memory 1 Mega Byte
Memory Type Non Volatile

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**Patent Number PA151578/P