Identification Serial Number Automatic Configuration Pairing
Monitoring On and Off Site Monitored 24/7/365
Visual Indication  Tri color LED
Set Point Limits  Fully Programmable
Over Tension (programmable) RED
Set Point (Programmable) GREEN
Under Tension (Programmable) ORANGE
Main Battery Backup Lithium Iron
Secondary Battery Backup Lithium Ion
Cable Link (shielded) 500mm Silicon
Enclosure S/S 304  or Poly Fiber 300(L) x 300(W) x 100(H) Mold
Frequency ISM 2.484 G Hz 
Network Underground Becker Leaky Feeder
  Meshing ARC
  Fiber Optic
  Twisted Pair
Network Surface ISDN, Microwave, Internet, Radio, Cell network
Memory 1 Mega Byte
Memory Type Non Volatile

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**Patent Number PA151578/P